Man-floating-in-Dead-Sea-with-newspaper-tb100403503-bibleplacesHere is an interesting story that I heard from my friend Jose’s wife. Jose works at

My husband and I were thinking about touring the Middle East. We had never been there before, and there were several places that we wanted to visit including the Dead Sea. Since we weren’t familiar with the area we wanted to learn more about it and the crime statistics in Israel. We wanted to make sure we had an enjoyable trip and weren’t going to an area with lots of crime.

Before planning our trip or paying for it, we started researching the places that we wanted to visit and check the crime statistics in Israel. We looked online at a package we were going to buy and looked at the different cities we would be traveling to. We looked up the crime rates in each place.

Then we started looking for reviews from people that have visited the same places before. We went to the Trip Advisor website and read reviews on the places we would be visiting and staying. We found lots of helpful information on the crime rates in Israel.

After reading statistics and also tourist reviews of Israel, we decided we wanted to visit. We went ahead and bought the travel deal online and made reservations for some other things we wanted to see.

I wouldn’t have traveled anywhere without looking at the crime rates in the area, especially out of the country travel. I am glad the crime rates were low in the places we visited or we wouldn’t have got to experience the Middle East. We got to see the Dead Sea which has fascinated us both since we were kids. I am glad we both got to experience it and the other places we visited as well because it was a once in a lifetime experience for us both.

Here’s a video of them experiencing the Dead Sea.