Isreali Muslim Holy Sites You Should Visit

dome-1226973_640Though there are a number of Muslim holy sites in the land of Israel, international tensions going back centuries have complicated everybody’s journey to many of these holy sites, be they Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Baha’i or even just a curiosity seeker from another faith.

Likely the most iconic element of Islam in Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock is an Islamic shrine that is among the few locations that all people are most easily allowed into. Built around a large stone that is widely believed to be the altar of the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem, Islamic doctrine holds that this was the point from which the Prophet Muhammad ascended to glimpse Paradise itself, a journey described in the 17th Sura of the Qu’ran. A number of most trusted hadiths also cite this area as the stone where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Ishmael, the father of the Arabic people, both highly revered figures in the Islamic faith, though other hadiths place this event in Mecca instead. The Dome has a checkered history and has been held by a number of different groups before the modern caretakers.

Perhaps more noteworthy is the Al Aqsa Mosque that was constructed in CE 720 on the southernmost side of the Temple Mount. Unlike the Dome of the Rock, the Al Aqsa Mosque has long been a strong point of Islam in Jerusalem and is actually the third most important Muslim place of prayer, trailing only behind the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina where the religion began. For some years, it was actually the location Muslims prayed towards before that position was eventually superseded by Mecca during the Prophet’s life time. Though officially under Israeli control, the Islamic Waqf still administrates the site and leaves it open for Muslim visitors to this very day.

Gaining Experience Before Looking for Bartender Work

A lot of bartending jobs require experience of some kind. This can be frustrating. How can you get the experience you need if you don’t have enough experience to land a job?

Thankfully, this is one obstacle you should be able to get around. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to get more than enough experience to land a great job.

Focus On Relevant Experience

You don’t necessarily have to work as a bartender to gain experience. You simply need to have experience that is pertinent to the job at hand.

If you want to work as a bartender, customer service experience is going to come in handy. If you’ve worked as a server, for example, a bar is going to be more likely to hire you.

Think about your career history. How will the experience at those jobs help you in your bartending career? You should try to include all of those details on your resume. Focus on the skills that will help you with a bartending job.

Training Is Essential

A lot of places will be able to overlook a lack of experience if you have the proper training. If you’re certified to work as a bartender from, you need to include those qualifications on your resume.

Bars want experienced employees because they want to hire people that are capable of doing the job. If you can show that you have a lot of training, a lot of bars will be more than willing to hire you on.

Don’t have enough experience for bartending work? You don’t have to panic. If you don’t have enough experience for the job, the only thing you’ll have to do is bolster your resume. With a little bit of extra effort, you’ll be able to secure a great job for yourself.

The Best Websites for Stock & Options Trading Tips

Many people look to the stock market as a way to make extra money and save for the future. It certainly can help to improve your portfolio if you do things properly. For some people, dealing strictly with stocks is the way to go, but for others, they may consider an option, which gives the buyer an option to purchase it but does not obligate to do it.

Keeping up on the latest when it comes to trading is crucial. Things tend to move quickly in today’s financial world, so having websites with the best stock and option trading tips to guide you can help you to make progress in the right direction. The following websites can provide the benefits, and give you the advice you need to remain robust.

One important thing to consider is that not all of these websites are going to provide 100% accurate information at all times. It is important for you also to do your due diligence and ensure that they are giving good advice before you invest your hard-earned money. The following are some of those tip websites to keep in mind: – This site summarizes investment information and research and puts it online before the market opens in the morning. As you can imagine, any tips that you receive after the stock exchange opens are going to be far less useful. It’s good to jump out of the starting gate with the right tips, and provides them. – This website has been around for years, and it can provide some information about what may take place in the near and long-term future. Some of the information is free, but the premium content requires a monthly investment. – make money in the stock market informative website.

These are just some of the many different websites that can provide you with quality trading tips. You may like their tips, or you may find another site that tends to speak to you and your particular style of investing.

What To Do If You Are Refused A Home Loan

Has a lender refused to give you a home loan? If you’ve been turned down for a home loan, you shouldn’t panic. It’s important to remember that you still have plenty of options left in Long Island or any place in wherever you live.

Find Out Why You Were Turned Down

Before you do anything else, you should try to find out why your loan application was rejected. If you know why you were turned down, you’ll be able to resolve the problem.

If you were denied because of your credit score, you’d be able to work to bring your credit score up. If you were turned down because you’re missing important paperwork, you’d be able to get your paperwork in order. You’ll have the chance to correct the problem.

Talk To Other Lenders

Once you’ve figured out what the problem was, you can determine what your next course of action should be. If you’ve taken steps to correct potential issues, you should start talking to other lenders.

You shouldn’t assume that other lenders are going to turn you down. There is an excellent chance that you will be able to get a lender to approve a loan for you. This is particularly the case if you look at different types of lenders. If you’ve been turned down by a major bank, why not try to get a loan from a credit union? Don’t give up until you’ve explored all of your options.

It’s clear that there are plenty of things that you can do if you have been turned down for a home loan. You shouldn’t panic if your loan application has been rejected. Instead, you should see how you can get a loan in the future. Consider the information you have, and decide what your next step should be.

Searching for Pakistani Dresses Online

If you are searching for the best Pakistani dresses online, you have come to the right place. Since the last decade, Pakistani fashion designers have made their presence felt on the net. Today, you can find a host of Pakistani dress boutiques online. That’s why you need to be cautious when buying Pakistani dresses online. Make sure you do the homework properly to purchase the right product at the right price. Most people make the mistake of not doing their research when buying Pakistani dresses online and pay the price. Many people have purchased expensive but low-quality products due to their haste in buying clothes. This read offers information on what you should consider when searching for Pakistani dresses online like – pakistani clothes.
Shopping for women’s apparel is relatively simple today thanks to the Internet. But one can get baffled with so many brands to select from. In fact, you would find hundreds of different online stores with similar items at competitive prices. That’s why you should be patient when buying such dresses online. You need to do some research to check the reliability of the online store that you plan to purchase the product. They should have numerous positive reviews from a majority of their clients. The fashion boutique should be reputed and experienced in what they do. Many online review sites offer their honest opinions about the online stores that sell Pakistani dresses. Check some of these sites before you decide to buy the best dresses out there. It can save you a lot of time and money in the process.
In conclusion, with a host of online stores where you can buy Pakistani dresses, you should be cautious when choosing the right one. That’s where this article comes in handy. It shows you what to consider when buying Pakistani dresses online.

What Are The Procedures That The Police Follow To Arrest A Suspect?

Rules relating to what officers are supposed to follow while they make an arrest will vary according to the jurisdiction. Typically, an arrest will occur when an individual who is being arrested believes reasonably that she or he will not be allowed to leave. In this case, the officer is not required to make use of handcuffs nor place this individual inside one of the police cruisers. However, many police officers take advantage of this particular tactic to protect bystanders or themselves. Also, a police officer is not required at the actual time of the person’s arrest to read them the Miranda Rights.

Police officers are required by law to read the Miranda Rights to a suspect before interrogation procedures begin. This is why various police departments suggest that the Miranda Rights are read as soon as the individual has been arrested. This allows for the officers, to begin with, questioning from the start and also any information that is given by the suspect can at a later stage be used as evidence or against the suspect. The last part of an arrest procedure is that the police officers will in the majority of cases tell the arrested why they have been placed under arrest even though they have no legal obligations in order to-do-so. This will depend on the circumstances and jurisdiction of the person’s arrest.

A universal rule that officers must adhere to is related to not treating a suspect cruelly or making use of excessive force. In most cases, officers are prohibited from using even the minimum power to bring the suspect into custody. For this reason, individuals are in most cases advised not to argue with and an officer or resist the arrest. If however, the arrested believes that their detention was incorrect or unjustified they are always able to set bail this issue at a later stage with the assistance of a lawyer and if this is warranted it can result in a “civil rights” case.

How Much Does A Bail Bondsman Really Earn?

The criminal justice system in the United States has many people working for it; directly as well as indirectly. Bail bondsmen are a set of professionals who depend on the justice system to deliver them customers requiring bail money to bail out a friend or family member. These clients are not in a position to pay the bail amount themselves. Hence, they pay a small fee to the bail bonding service and the bonding service furnish the bail amount to the respective court. This read offers information on how much does a bail bondsman earn when a man released from jail.

A bail bondsman operates bail bonding services that depend on the income earned by posting bail bonds on behalf of their clients. Usually, bail bonding services charge between 10-20% of the face value of the bond amount set by the several courts. New bond guarantors are licensed by the Insurance Department of their respective states. A new bail guarantor can expect to make about $25,000 annually. On the other hand, an experienced guarantor can expect to earn between $50,000 to $150,000 annually. In fact, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a bail guarantor under the category of financial specialists. According to them, the median salary of a bail bondsman is around $59,810.

Most states require the bail bondsman to undergo a pre-license training and get through an examination before being employed as a bail bondsman. They should have a good judgment of people as a prerequisite for working as a bail bondsman. These are important things to consider if you plan to find a career as a bail bondsman.

The aforementioned read provides important information on how much does a bail bondsman really earn. It helps you get a better idea of the salary scales of a bail bondsman in the United States.

Tips When Searching For Property In New York

New York is one of the greatest places to reside. It is no shock then that most people will often look for property there. It can be a tedious process especially if you do not know the place well. Here are some tips to help you out during your search.

First, see if you can get a real estate agent who knows the area very well. Ensure they have enough experience to be able to tell what fits you best. It will cost you some money but or is much better than getting the property you are not comfortable with. Ensure the agent is licensed to operate in that area.

The second tip is to know your budget and the locations where it will be suitable. It is possible to be lured by an excellent apartment only to find that it is way above your price bracket. If this is the case, do not take unnecessary risks. Otherwise, you may end up using all your savings and salary for rent. Look elsewhere. You are bound to find a right place.

You should also consider how much space you want your property to have. Apparently, a bigger space means you’ll have to pay more. However, there are real locations where you can get a large private yard as well as some peace and quiet.

Search for property in the right season. Prices are usually high during the summer because most people rush to buy then. You can opt to do it in winter or early spring and save yourself some money.

Additionally, never search for the property when in a hurry. Brokers may take advantage of that, and you’ll end up with something you don’t like. To avoid this, always search for property at least two months before.

Check Crime Statistics Before Visiting Israel

Man-floating-in-Dead-Sea-with-newspaper-tb100403503-bibleplacesHere is an interesting story that I heard from my friend Jose’s wife. Jose works at

My husband and I were thinking about touring the Middle East. We had never been there before, and there were several places that we wanted to visit including the Dead Sea. Since we weren’t familiar with the area we wanted to learn more about it and the crime statistics in Israel. We wanted to make sure we had an enjoyable trip and weren’t going to an area with lots of crime.

Before planning our trip or paying for it, we started researching the places that we wanted to visit and check the crime statistics in Israel. We looked online at a package we were going to buy and looked at the different cities we would be traveling to. We looked up the crime rates in each place.

Then we started looking for reviews from people that have visited the same places before. We went to the Trip Advisor website and read reviews on the places we would be visiting and staying. We found lots of helpful information on the crime rates in Israel.

After reading statistics and also tourist reviews of Israel, we decided we wanted to visit. We went ahead and bought the travel deal online and made reservations for some other things we wanted to see.

I wouldn’t have traveled anywhere without looking at the crime rates in the area, especially out of the country travel. I am glad the crime rates were low in the places we visited or we wouldn’t have got to experience the Middle East. We got to see the Dead Sea which has fascinated us both since we were kids. I am glad we both got to experience it and the other places we visited as well because it was a once in a lifetime experience for us both.

Here’s a video of them experiencing the Dead Sea.

Christian Monuments in Israel

One does not have to be Jewish in order to visit Israel. A lot of people forget that Jesus was a jew who lived in this area. There are many significant monuments and places to visit that have a direct impact on the history of Christianity. Here is a video that features some of the highlights of going on a Christian tour.